We’re the Island’s leading supplier of on-site mixed concrete, made possible by our 32-ton volumetric mixing trucks. Because we mix on-site, you only pay for what you need and all our concrete is delivered fresh.

In addition, we offer all manner of groundwork services including hard and soft landscaping, and we’re happy to take on all manner of jobs from small clearances to full redevelopment. Our heavy trucks can collect and deliver huge loads, and our plant hire services offer the machinery to help you take on any job.

From 32-ton trucks to our barrow-boy service, we can offer every service you need to get the job done.


Our state-of-the-art volumetric mixing trucks allow us to mix your concrete on site.

By providing the exact quantity you need, whether it’s small or large, we ensure there’s no waste and you only pay for what’s used.

As the concrete is mixed only when needed, there’s no danger of it setting prematurely if there are any unexpected delays. Our trucks are essentially mobile batch plants, carrying all the ingredients needed to enable them to mix pristine, fresh concrete on site.

Night-time work is made much easier and cheaper, because there's no requirement for out-of-hours batch processing and, because less water is usually required than for mixing by traditional methods, concrete which is made in this way has greater compressive strength.

Our Barrow Boy service means you don't have to worry about whether you have enough people to do the job. If you need assistance with your delivery, call us and we'll be happy to help.



We’ve been an established and important  part of the Isle of Man’s construction industry for many years, and our fantastic crews are highly proficient in all aspects of groundwork.

We're expert at laying foundations, digging out, levelling and drainage, and everything else which comes as part and parcel of carrying out a thoroughly professional job.

We’re equally at home carrying out all manner of surfacing and resurfacing work, always aiming to cause the minimum of fuss and mess, and we're happy to work at times which will suit you.

Our staff are fully trained, and experienced at operating modern plant machinery to ensure the very highest quality in cost-effective groundwork and the quickest, most efficient turnarounds.

Our sister company, MAP Groundworks offers not only groundwork, but also landscaping services - from small clearances to full redevelopment and hard and soft landscaping.

Plant Hire

We offer plant hire services, with micro diggers and dumpers from 1.5t to 8t.

Whatever the job, we have the equipment to help. Not only the equipment, but the expertise, experience and manpower to run it. Whether you're redesigning your garden, re-laying tired paths or need help with putting in footings for a new garage, we have you covered.

Get in touch and let us help you with your project - big or small.


Our fleet of heavy vehicles allows us to collect and deliver building materials in loads of up to 20 tonnes.

Whatever the load, we can transport it to where it needs to be. Our grabwagon trucks can carry 10 tonnes effortlessly and are capable of speedy and efficient inert waste removal. Grabwagons can make large deliveries where regular tipper trucks might not be able to gain access, without the need for heavy loading machinery, and they are flexible, too - being more easily able to work around obstacles such as trees, buildings, or piles of building materials.

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